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About Us

In the corporate environment of large brokerage and investment management firms, your best interests often come second to the firm’s desire to maximize profit. Not here. At Realfact Global, we may manage money, but we work for people. Our success is rooted in the genuine care we have for you, your well-being, and the experience you have with us.

Realfact Global offers a large firm’s breadth & depth with in-house analysts, a powerful trading system, and certified financial planners but with a boutique’s feel.Clients work with a small, dedicated client advisory team that takes a powerfully personal approach to financial planning, wealth management, and business consultation.

Our commitment to exceptional client service starts with every qualifying prospect receiving an individualized investment plan before moving forward. This level of customization, transparency, and trust-building has been the foundation on which we founded Realfact Global, and has remained the core of our business.

Our Team

Kommu Rohit Jededia

Director of International Affair

Core & Values

Core Values

- Client Centric: Always put the client first. It is our work mantra.
- Collaboration: Always work collaboratively.With clients, partners and within teams.
- Objectivity: Always observe high ethical standards.We provide independent advice.
- Innovation : Always demonstrate value.We strive to learn, innovate and share.
- Excellence: Always focus on excellence.We are passionate about quality.
- Social Responsibility: Always care for society.We seek to make a difference in our own small way.


- To grow as the most Reliable and Trusted Brand.
- To Grow as the most Respected Brand in Financial Planning in India.
- To be the most Diversified Brand in providing Investments Options


To be more for our clients. We believe the advice and guidance we provide transcends traditional money management and what most advisers might offer. We believe to fulfill our mission, we need to be so much more for our client families and touch the various parts of their financial life.