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Managing Agent Services

Managing Agent Services

One of the biggest challenges of managing a property is resource allocation. As an estate owner or council, where should you focus on first? How do you know which ones will give you the biggest value in terms of occupant comfort and increasing the value of the property? How do you manage the different, sometimes conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders and relationships?

The successful managing agent needs to be able to discern what gives property true value, is committed to the long term relationship, and also has access to privileged resources.

Raising Value of your Property

Realfact Global started as an asset management and enhancement company, and then naturally developed capability of valuation and appraisal. After all, managing mega developments with complicated investor relationships, like Suntec City, required an internal capability to increase the value of the asset over the longer term.

We bring that capability to you as your managing agent.

Committed to the long term

Success as a managing agent involves developing authentic relationships. That means we confidently invest in our relationships with our clients, often going over and beyond what is required - even if it means absorbing some of the cost - to provide quality service. This commitment to people also extends to Realfact Global's staff, giving facility and condo managers adequate training and support, compensating them fairly, so they can continue to serve you well.

It is also reflected in our accreditation as a Grade A Facility Manager, and the partnerships we’ve developed in industry associations so as to serve you better.

Services Provided as Managing Agent

Administrative management

We help organize AGMs, EOGMs, Council Meetings, as well as liaise with Government, and manage building occupiers needs. This also includes maintaining strata roll, records, files and documents.

Vendor Management

Your team can have as much control or freedom from managing vendors. With Realfact Global’s proprietary vendor management platform, you can select, evaluate, manage vendor jobs and performance all with one application and with complete procurement transparency.

Smart Estate management

Whether you need to make estate announcements, or book your tennis court, our digital platform connects all of your community and resources together in one place.

Integrated Facilities Management Services

Consolidation of people, processes, services and technology means you can enjoy preferential rates, faster service and reduce administrative work.

Accounts and Financial Services Accounting

Making things easier for you with annual budget, arrears management, finance statement advisory and preparation services.

Data security and PDPA compliance

We manage data security considerations in all of our activities, including collection of data estate security, CCTV footage access, meeting minutes and even the voter list.

Energy auditing and management

Building in operation comes with substantial energy costs. As APFM, AMCIS and ISO 9001 certified for property and energy management, we work to optimize energy usage, and reduce costs, making your building more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Property Enhancement and Defect Management

As property owners, you are entitled to proper caretaking and maintenance. That’s why we are fiercely protective of your property value, and work to identify opportunities to enhance its value over time.